Email Marketing made simple

I wanted to share with you some unique and simple ways I have seen businesses like you use email marketing.

An office supply store sent a “thank you for your purchase” email.  Within the email they included pictures and links to relevant products they offer at a discounted price.

A financial group sent out happy birthday emails to their clients that added a special and personal touch to their business relationship.

I read a personal story of an entrepreneur starting a new business who was looking for talented people to work with her.

A plumbing company highlighted a celebrity who at one point was a plumber in one of their monthly newsletters.

I saw a handful of emails following up after an event with the phrase “enjoyed meeting you today…” with a personal note to follow.  I think these emails are great follow ups when sent specifically to people you had real conversation with.  However, if you have someone’s business card and you can’t remember who they are, then chances are they don’t remember you either and an email may not have the effect you were hoping for.

A yoga studio promoting a food and yoga retreat added action shots of students cooking.  In this case, the image was the greatest focus and was very effective.

I saw several that just used text well.  They were short and to the point directing you to the next step.

A real estate focused email promoted home design software through vibrant screen shots of the software for all home design projects.

I saw social media links effective both small and large.  One company only had a presence on Facebook so provided a good sized thumbnail icon in the right column.  Another company had a presence on several social media sites so placed the pea-sized icons in the top right in a horizontal line.

What are ways you have seen email marketing at its best?

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