Swiftpage employees volunteer their time with KidsTek

A few of Swiftpage employees have started volunteering for a local non-profit organization, KidsTek. KidsTek conducts after-school programs that provide a hands-on working knowledge of computer programs such as Microsoft Office suite, Google applications and state-of-the-art multimedia through fun and passion-inducing projects. The National Education Technology Standards (NETS) serves as a roadmap for improved teaching and learning. KidsTek ultimate goal is to help today’s students gain a foothold on the “right side” of the Digital Divide.

We whole heartedly agree with KidsTek that basic working computer knowledge is now more important than ever in putting kids on the path to become valued and productive members of the American workforce.

Our Customer Service and Support Manager, Kassi Johnson, shares her involvement with KidsTek…

We’ve done many projects from making movies, creating our own video game, PowerPoint presentations, use of excel spreadsheets, claymation, and more.  This program has a purpose and goal to teach kids about computers and software programs while making it fun.  They get familiar with programs that will help them in the long term without realizing they’re learning.  This program is currently available at over 20 schools within Denver and Aurora middle and high schools.  At the end of each session students can earn a computer of their own.  For the high school ALL students get a computer at the end of the session if they’ve done well and have good attendance.  For the middle schools it’s one student per session that will earn a computer.  This is decided by the instructor or that class based on attendance, participation, behavior, etc.

To learn more about KidsTek, visit http://www.kidstek.org

A few pictures…

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