FAQ Friday: Can I embed a Swiftpage survey on my own web site?

Q: Can I embed a Swiftpage survey on my own web site?

A: You can embed a Swiftpage survey on your web page using the following steps:

Go to the Swiftpage Survey you created.  Then, right click and select “View source”.  From the source, you can copy the “form” part of the HTML — everything from <form name… down to the final </form> code.   Then simply paste this code into your own HTML landing page.

One change will need to be made: in the beginning of the source code, the survey address will be listed as a shorter address.  For instance, you might see this:

<form name=”Survey” method=”post” action=”/spe.support/SurveySPFRecord/Survey.aspx”>

You need to make the information after “action=” the full URL of the survey.  (You can find the full URL in the web address bar of the original survey that you copied the source from.)  So in the case above, you would change what is there to this:

<form name=”Survey” method=”post” action=”http://www.swiftpageemail.com/spe.support/SurveySPFRecord/Survey.aspx“>

Once you have made that change and put the HTML on your own web page, the survey should show up and be fully functional.

5 Responses to “FAQ Friday: Can I embed a Swiftpage survey on my own web site?”

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