The University of Cincinnati College of Business creates a Student Information System using ACT! E-marketing

We‟re the Graduate Programs Office in the University of Cincinnati College of Business. We are responsible for recruitment, admission, and student service for students considering our nationally-ranked MBA program or our Master of Science programs in Accounting, Information Systems, Marketing, or Quantitative Analysis, all offering full-time or part-time enrollment. Our primary mission is to identify prospects and move them through the process to become students and (eventually) alums.

Our office is understaffed and under-budgeted. We consist of 8 people plus 3 student assistants – and we handle a large number of prospective and current students. We receive information about LOADS of prospective students through a variety of methods including they call in, they visit campus, they stop by at our booth at fairs, they submit test scores, etc. We have no system for managing, counting, tracking, and communicating with these prospects. We don‟t know the effectiveness of our marketing efforts because we are unable to track it. For example, we have no way of knowing how many prospective students we saw at a particular fair, or what happened to those prospective students (did they apply or not, etc). Our budget is prohibitive. We have a large number of international prospective students. Printed material is costly and goes out-of-date very quickly. We can use the information we collect on prospective students to send them a single email or, if they provided a mailing address, to send our expensive printed pieces, but there is no mechanism for following up beyond that.

To learn how the University of Cincinnati College of Business used ACT! E-marketing to create a Student Information System, click here to read the full story>>

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