Design tips to accelerate your email marketing

Email design. How important is it? Good design can be the conduit that insures the success of your email campaign while bad design can land you in junk mail or the deleted folder faster than a Bugatti Veyron can go from 0 to 60 MPH. (For those of you car buffs the Veyron goes from 0 to 60 in 2.4 seconds). Below are some tips to accelerate your email marketing.

1. Cut the Clutter

I frequently have conversations with clients who want to get as much bang for their buck as possible from their email marketing. They try to fill their emails with so much information that they end up with a cluttered mess without a clearly defined purpose. When the pile of clutter lands in their recipients inboxes, the recipients don’t know what to make of the email and quickly find the delete button. Narrowing your focus will not only encourage your recipients to read your email, it will also increase your ROI (return on investment) from each email.

2. Whooo arrre yoooouuu?

When creating a design for your email, keep your brand in mind. If your brand’s colors are yellow and black, don’t use purple and orange. Your customers need to have a consistent experience with your brand. It’s ok to get creative, but be sure that when your customer clicks through to your website they aren’t confused and left wondering, ‘What company is this?’

3. Reread, Reduce, Revise

The average email reader scans an entire e-newsletter in about 50 seconds and spends even less time on other types of email. Reduce your content to supply only the most pertinent information. Artist Michael Lee said, “The first draft reveals the art, revision reveals the artist”. Be an artist

4. Think Snickers®

The wrapper of the candy bar tells you about what you are about to eat once you rip it open. Emails need to be laid out like a candy bar. The preview pane of most email clients is like the wrapper, it tells your recipients what they are about to open and entices them to do so. When planning how your email lays out, be sure to include the most important information in the top part of the email. Strategically place company logos, contact information and call to actions as your ‘wrapper’ enticing recipients to open your email and get to the good stuff.

5. Wet Their Appetite

Effective emails are like a great appetizer that leaves you wanting more. Include bulleted lists and key phrases throughout your email whenever possible with a link to more detailed information. Avoid including entire articles in the body of the email and instead provide opportunities for your recipient to click to ‘Read More,’ or ‘Get More Information.’ BONUS, when a recipient clicks one of your links you gain valuable data on how they are interacting with your email and what information piqued their interest.

6. Teeter Totter

Remember playing on a teeter totter with someone who was a lot bigger than you? It wasn’t very fun because the balance was off. Balance is just as important in your emails. Believe it or not, many email recipients default to not showing images in their emails. If your email is full of images, but very little text, those recipients won’t have anything to look at. On the flipside, emails without images lack the appeal needed to be read in today’s world of beautiful email designs. The solution is to include an even balance of images and text. If your images have links, include a smaller text link that will allow recipients who don’t see images to still take advantage the links.

Email design is an art that takes practice. Send a few campaigns with different layouts, then compare the results and see if one layout is more effective than another. If you find yourself stuck, reach out to Bright Peak. Bright Peak is ready and waiting. We work with professional HTML email designers who want to help get your email marketing on track.

This article was written by Audrey Howes, our Bright Peak Agent and Design Assistant. If you have any questions about email design or Bright Peak, you can contact her at (877) 228-8377 ext. 122

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