Profile of a Leader: Persistence and Partners with Bob Ogdon

Our CEO, Bob Ogdon participated in the Profile of a Leader Series on w3w3® Talk Radio by Larry Nelson. Persistence and partnerships are Bob’s key leadership strategies.

When asked what advice he had for entrepreneurs, he said, “I think the biggest advice would be to never give up. What an entrepreneur does and brings to the table is really the energy and the vision but not necessarily the answer. I think people get hung up thinking they have to have the answer when they start. Really what you want to do is get yourself in play, in the market and then let the market tell you your path. You do that, you listen and you live long enough, you’ll eventually get a really valuable company. You have to have the legs to live long enough, to have the willingness to listen and, I think if you can accomplish those two things, there’s no reason you can’t build the business you want.”

The interview also includes why having partners is so important, the challenges Bob faces as an entrepreneur, how he balances his personal and professional life and what legacy he hopes to leave.

Listen to this compelling interview (only 14 minutes long) at Bob’s interview is the fourth one down on the right titled Profile of a Leader: Persistence and Partners.

Are you an entrepreneur? What insights, challenges, encouragement can you share with us?


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