The Database Diva Helps CandyTorahs Prioritize Hot Leads from Drip Marketing Campaigns

The Story
The Database Diva, a Swiftpage reseller, helped Harry Liebman, Owner of CandyTorahs find the best way to utilize his Drip Marketing campaigns. Harry had already done quite a bit of work on his Drip Marketing campaigns before we started working with him. But he was struggling with the best way to prioritize and follow-up in a timely manner with leads from his campaigns. He enrolled in our 30-day DripMarketingCamp and we were able to work with him one-on-one to show him the best ways to access his campaigns’ analytics and make campaign tweaks based on his results. Harry is a process expert, and it was driving him crazy that he wasn’t able to process his marketing from beginning to end. We helped him create a solid end-to-end process for on boarding new prospects and managing them all the way through to the sale.

There is nothing like the Swiftpage e-marketing tool for small to medium sized companies. For under $100/month, even the least tech-savvy business professional can launch revenue producing e-marketing campaigns. When campaign results are written back to each ACT! contact’s history, the marketer sees a “diary view” of a prospect’s interest building over time. As Swiftpage resellers, we enjoy showing our clients this “mind reading” feature.

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