Bacon, Eggs and SPAM

Spam is the baseline at which every Interruptive Marketer starts.  Interruptive Marketers do not need permission to reach, or in other words, invade, customers with information and promotions as Seth Godin says in Permission Marketing.

This type of marketing is called SPAM.  Monty Python shares a rather funny sketch about the annoyance of spam.  Watch it here.  Everything on the menu comes with spam and you don’t have an option to not have it.  In fact, when one of the customers tries to order their meal without spam the restaurant erupts in song, singing the word spam over and over again.

Though the sketch may seem an over exaggeration, spam has become an annoying and serious problem in today’s business market and junk email is the king of it.

What constitutes junk email?

How can you obtain an email address the right way?

How can you ensure your email is hitting inboxes?

How can you test your email against Spam?

All of these questions are answered at the ACT! by Sage Journal, so read on>>

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