Simplifying Marketing Communications through Automation

Depending on whom you ask, marketing is anything from lead generation, branding and advertising to a necessary evil or a waste of time.  As our Drip Marketing Certified Consultant webinar speaker, Michael Ruggiero of Persona One Marketing defines marketing as the goose that lays the golden egg.  He goes on to explain that automation is the systematic way to feed and care for the goose that lays the golden egg.  It is what makes the goose fat, happy and healthy which in turn nurtures and produces good quality eggs.

He goes on to share a real life example.  The company he worked with focuses on employee performance enhancement coaching and generates their leads through speaking engagements.  Prior to automating their marketing (with Michael’s help), they were manually sending invites, pre-work, home-work, surveys and follow-up 10-15 times a month.

Without the tracking and follow up of an automated system, they were not only spending excessive amounts of time putting together and sending each marketing communication but they were reaching only the minimum of qualified leads they could have.

Michael, as a DMCC, worked with the company to put together a 7-step Drip Marketing process.

Step One:  An email is sent to the group leader interested in hiring the company as a coach. The email includes an introduction, presentation expectations and a question about what they were expecting.

Step Two:  An email is sent to group members who will be a part of the coaching session.  The email includes an introduction, presentation expectations and a link to a survey to better understand what their expectations are.

Step Three:  A Call List is generated.  Everyone who clicked on the survey and filled it out will receive a call to further the conversation about what they expected.

Step Four:  An email reminder is sent.  Different messages are created depending on whether or not the person opened, clicked, or didn’t click.  Also, additional information including continuing education credits is offered.

Step Five:  A postcard is sent and again different messages are created depending on the interactions with prior communications.

Step Six:  Transfer prospects into new Drip Marketing campaign based on criteria of attendance.

Step Seven:  An email is sent to all attendees including a satisfaction survey and additional special offers.  From this email we create a call list for further follow up.  Those who participated in the survey are transferred to a different Drip Marketing campaign based on their answers.

Once this 7-step process was implemented, the number of leads grew and the amount of time spent on these marketing touch points decreased.

To hear the webinar in full, visit our Live Demos:  Drip Marketing for your Business page <linkto:> .  Also, Michael shares an irresistible offer at the end of his presentation that you won’t want to miss.

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