What does e-mail marketing really accomplish?

Do you manage the email marketing for your company?  Have you ever tried to explain what you do and the person responds in saying, oh, you send spam?  It’s not uncommon.  Simms Jenkins of ClickZ provides 25 answers to what email marketing is really all about in one of his recent articles.  I want to touch on five of them and further explain why they matter.

  1. E-mail marketing is our most valuable, targeted, and measurable form of communication.

Email marketing correctly done is especially effective at reaching people with relevant information because it can track how each recipient interacts with an email and allows you to follow up accordingly.  For example, when an individual clicks on a certain link in an email, Swiftpage records this and allows the email sender to send further information specific to the link through its Drip Marketing feature.

  1. E-mail marketing empowers my best customers and provides my company with rich insight into what customers are interested in and what they are not interested in.

The personalization and one-to-one communication email marketing allows is a huge benefit above other marketing channels.  Not only can it personalize messages significantly, it can track how each person interacts with your email.  This allows the sales and marketing team to turn prospects into leads and leads into customers.  Call Lists can be generated based on email interactions, separating your most interested leads from the rest.

  1. We provide a crucial connection between our customers and our brand.

The ability to keep in touch and keep your brand top of mind for your customers is simple using email. By sending email from a specific email address within your company (i.e. smith@xyzgroup.com rather than info@xyzgroup.com) you reassure the recipients that you are easy to connect with.  There is a real person behind the message, ready and willing to answer your questions and meet your needs.

  1. We drive interest and traffic to our sites and stores.

By creating an email relationship with customers, you are able to provide news, promotions and product/service announcements that, if done correctly, will be well received.  If you build trust through email communications, you can easily guide your readers to your site and community pages.

  1. We provide the strongest return on investment within our department.

A study conducted by Econsultancy.com shows that companies allow 17% of their online marketing budgets to be spent on email marketing.  Of those same companies 42% of them have had a 300% or greater return on investment (ROI).  When asked to rate email marketing in terms of return on investment, 75% gave it an excellent to good rating.  There is no other online marketing tactic that is as inexpensive and as effective in producing a high ROI as email marketing.

The other 20 ways explaining what email marketing accomplishes are definitely worth a read.  Find them on ClickZ.  <link to: http://www.clickz.com/3640516>.

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