Reaching the Inbox Using Every Tactic You Know

Email marketing companies build relationships with major ISPs so that their customers are guaranteed higher email delivery rates.  They lay down the framework for you and then leave it up to you to create inbox friendly emails that are sent to your well established lists.

Consider these 6 ways to create spam proof emails.

Segmenting your Lists

When you specifically target segments within your list and craft a message directed to each target’s needs, you have a greater chance of reaching the inbox.  More importantly, your contacts are more engaged and interested than ever.  On the other hand, when you send a mass message to everyone on your list, recipients are likely to see it as bulk mail and can easily block it or mark it as spam.  Also, the click through rate and open rate can be significantly lower.  Learn how to further light up your list with an article we wrote for the ACT! by Sage Journal.

Content Design

A proper balance of text and images needs to be maintained when designing an email.  You also need to pay attention to the way your readers interact with emails.  Are your click through rates higher when you add images?  Where are they located and what sort of images are they?  What about plain text?  If done correctly, a plain text email can be far more personal and effective in getting your message across.

Have Active Links

What other kind of links would you have?  You would be amazed at how many people do not double check that their links are working and correct and send the email with broken links.  What good will your email campaign be if it doesn’t take them to the next step?

Conduct a Spam Check

Send a test of your email campaign through a spam check tool.  These tools look at your email like a spam filter would and will tell you what may be red flags.  Reduce these red flags and your deliverability will increase.  Try Swiftpage’s Spam Check

Test Across Email Clients

Before sending to your list, test how the email campaign appears in Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo, MSN, etc… Set up dummy accounts in each one of these if you don’t use them already.  Sometimes email clients will show your email differently than others and you want to be able to catch this before you find out half your list uses them.

Get your Email Address Whitelisted

When someone opts-in to your email list make sure to remind them to add your email address to their address book so your emails will not hit the junk folder.  You can add this message to an AutoResponder.  Once someone fills out the opt-in survey they will be redirected to a page where you can remind them to whitelist you for guaranteed delivery.

What has worked best for you?


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