FAQ Friday: What is a Bounce?

Q: What is a bounce?

A: If an email shows up as “bounced,” that means it has been sent back to Swiftpage’s servers by the recipient’s email system.  Generally, an email address that has “bounced” has either been spelled incorrectly, has hit a full inbox, no longer exists, or has been rejected by a receiving firewall or Spam filter.  For tips on Deliverability, click here.

If three “bounces” occur within a two-month period, the email address will be put into a 3-bounce suppression list and will no longer be sent to at all.  Also, if an email bounces because the address was unknown, that address is automatically put on the 3-bounce list.

There are two places, within your online reports, where you can see recipients who are on your 3-bounce list or recipients whose email addresses bounced in the current email blast: log into My Swiftpage (click here for the login page).  Then click on the Reports button, select the email blast you want to view, and click on View Report.

On the right-hand side, there will be a button that says “Bounced.”  This report shows all email addresses that have bounced for the current send only.

Also on the right-hand side of the main report screen, there is a button that says “Unsent.”  This report shows all email addresses you sent to that were on the 3-bounce list before you attempted the send.  Swiftpage did not send to those contacts (hence “unsent”).


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