Sharing your email campaigns beyond the inbox

The ‘View as a Web Page’ feature within email campaigns allows you to share your story and information much further than the inbox.  You can link your email through any one of your marketing channels including your web site, social media and blog.

One of the most common ways of sharing email campaigns is through social media.  Once you send out your campaign, click on the link to view as a web page, add 140 characters to it and share away via your social media outlet of choice (i.e. Twitter and Facebook).

It has become common to use your subject line as the 140 character message.  Though subject lines are crucial to an email campaign, they have less effect in the social media sphere.  They are a good starting point in crafting a message but to take your message to the next level you need to add a little more punch.  In just 140 characters you need to create a message that is not only enticing, but actionable enough for them to click the link to learn more.

Think of a few different messages you could use and try them out over a 3-day period.  When you use a site like to shorten your link, you can see the metrics on how many people clicked on any of your links.  This way you can see which messaging was most effective for future email campaign sharing.

As I mentioned in a previous post, make sure to add a link to sign up for your newsletter via web form. This way you will gain new prospects easily and all you had to do was share your email campaign in 140 characters or less.

Have you had success sharing your email campaigns through social media?

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