Sharing Information using Your Monthly Newsletter – Part 3

We have reached the end of our series on the best ways to share information via newsletters. Here are the some strategic marketing tactics that allow you to effectively your readers –

Segment your email recipients by demographic, location or areas of interest.  You can determine this through surveys and through tracking your emails to see how they interact with them.  If certain recipients are interested in a specific product, focus on it or use the opportunity to strategically cross sell.

Personalize your emails with the Mail Merge tool.  This way you tailor your message to each contact adding that extra personal touch.

Create content that is brief but value packed.  Strike a balance between the 3 second rule and the 80-20 rule.  The 3 second rule goes something like this: You have 3 seconds for your recipient to decide if they want to open it.  At first glance, you have 3 seconds for your recipient to decide if they want to read the message.  And you have 3 seconds for your recipient to find your call to action and know what to do with your email.  The 80-20 rule puts emphasis on the content.  The general rule of thumb is 80% content, 20% sales.

A Call to Action is still essential in a newsletter but should not override the valuable information you are providing.  This could be in the form of event sign ups or product promotions.

Automate your marketing since your newsletter runs on a continual monthly (or weekly) cycle. You can create a consistent message by creating your newsletter ahead of time and you can automate your delivery right from your database using Drip Marketing.

And last but not least, review!  You will not know what important dates are relevant, what how-to headers and checklists your recipients are dying to read and what call to action will drive them to purchase or upgrade unless you track their emails.  Swiftpage’s Open-Click Reports allow you to see who has opened up your email, when they looked at it, how many times the email was read and much more…

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What have been your successes with newsletters?

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