Taking the extra step to ensuring a good impression via email marketing

The devil is in the details – I was catching up on my blog reader today and came across a great post on how to make an impression through email. I found the post at the Personal Branding blog managed by Dan Schawbel. Martin Yate is the author and he discusses how impressions are everywhere, especially in email. He says, “Written communication leaves an indelible impression that you can’t edit once the email leaves your desktop.”

What caught my attention about this article is that each way you can make an impression through email can be easily executed with your email service provider and particularly with Swiftpage.

  • Your email address is the first and, if it’s unprofessional, most memorable symbol of your personal brand…” You can use the Send As feature within Swiftpage to send on behalf of any one within your company. A good example of this is sending your monthly newsletter on behalf of your CEO.
  • “Your subject line must be relevant and concise…Your subject line impacts the reception, storage and retrieval of your email.” With email tracking and reporting tools you are able to see which subject lines are most successful in not only reaching the most inboxes but receiving the highest click through rate.
  • “Your greeting (or lack thereof) determines if your message will be read with attention. You must start with a personalized greeting…” With a mail merge tool you are able to automatically personalize an email campaign so that each person feels as though they are receiving your email personally. For example, Dear [First Name] instead of To whom it may concern.
  • Your structure… Your message needs to be accessible to tired and distracted eyes in order to communicate…” Within the online editor you can preview your email and do test sends to check the appearance across all email clients (Outlook, Yahoo, Gmail, MSN).
  • “Your spelling. Email comes with spell and grammar checks that can be set to check every email before it is sent. There is no excuse, especially with spelling someone’s name…” Need I say more.
  • “Your sign-off… A sign-off is the work of a moment, yet no amount of time can make up for negligence of this simple convention…” Again, you can use mail merge tools to add your signature and respectable sign off to complete the email.

When you pay close attention to these small details within any given email campaign you speak volumes to your recipients. They know that you respect them enough to take the time to make sure you provide the best email experience possible. You want to know the best part about it? It is so easy to make sure these details are covered. One click here, a little research there and you have a happy recipient.

What are ways you have taken an extra step to make a lasting (good) impression on your email recipients?

One Response to “Taking the extra step to ensuring a good impression via email marketing”

  1. Thanks for the advice. Will put it to work. Tom

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