Building a proper strategy to share your content

You can create well-written and beneficial content without it ever getting read if you don’t pay attention to the ways your customers receive it. Your customers are gathering information from more sources than ever before so it is your job to figure out the best medium to share your content with them.

Consider this –

Who is the target audience?
One size don’t always fit all. You know who the contacts are in your database, so tailor your message to each group independently.

Make it punchy and to the point
If you only had 140 characters, what would you include? Set the hook with strong copy that reads like a headline from the front page of the newspaper.

Stay relevant
Give your contacts what they want. If they ask to receive information about your paint services, don’t send them information about lawn services.

Create opportunities to take action
When you are successful in drawing their attention, your contact should know exactly what you want them to do once they’ve reached your landing page.

Analyze the details
With digital marketing you have the ability to know which contact opened what email and what links were clicked.  You know what the most popular page was on your website.  You know how much traffic came from your last twitter post.  You know the top referring site to your blog, etc… Don’t discount how much your own analytics data gives you.

Take into consideration what works with specific campaigns and remember to take those into your next.

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