Recap of DMCC Webinar: Your First Drip Marketing Campaign

Susan Clark breaks Drip Marketing into two categories, fixed and triggered campaigns. Fixed campaigns are campaigns that run continuously such as a newsletter or quick tips email. Triggered campaigns are a series based on direct follow up. The triggered scenarios Susan shares include prospecting, networking, web sign-up, proposal follow up, lost sale, new customer and inactive customers.

The webinar provides a great example of the effectiveness of why you should automate your follow up strategy. Automation is effective because it allows you to have several touch points to follow up with new leads, new customers, etc. This allows you to build relationships with your prospects and customers which in turn can make you stand out amongst competition. You create a level of consistency with your contacts and are able to meet them where they are at. It is important to remember that people are not always ready to commit when you want them to. Triggered campaigns allow you to keep in touch while not be overbearing or on the other hand, completely absent in the mind of the customer.

When setting up your Drip Marketing strategy there are two things to consider: How many stages/emails should you include and how frequently should you send. Susan uses a Drip Marketing Campaign Planning Sheet to layout a campaign and better organize the content that needs to be included.

Snapshot of the planning sheet: 

The items to focus on when putting together a campaign are the point of each email or other stage, how is the call to action delivered, what links should be added and how are they presented.

Susan puts together a New Customer Duration Drip Marketing campaign, where she builds a 3-stage email campaign over a 9-week period. Email 1 thanks the customer for picking her services. Email 2 asks if they are having any issues or concerns. And Email 3 moves into a customer cross-sell opportunity.

To view the step-by-step demo of the New Customer campaign, click here and scroll down. (The demo starts at about 15 minutes).

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