How to pursue a lead positively

I found this particular scenario in an old post and thought I would bring it to your attention again and provide updated information on how to close the deal.

Scenario: Your lead goes to Google to search for Italian Bicyle Tours. You happen to book Italian Bicycle Tours and your listing shows up in the search results. Your lead clicks on your link and they are intrigued enough about your content that they request more information via landing page with a web form stating what they are most interested in.

First steps to follow up –

  • Autoresponder. Automatically set up a text based email to be sent confirming their interest and thanking them for sharing their information.
  • List Builder. Automatically load the web form answers into your database (i.e. ACT! Saleslogix, SageCRM)
  • Automated Marketing. Automatically set up a series of emails to be sent out in real time to follow up with your new contacts to close the deal.

Your automated marketing series can look something like this –

Day 1: Email 1 focusing on the specific interests they mentioned in the web form.

Day 10: Email 2 specific to links clicked within Email 1 providing more relevant and targeted information.

Day 15: Generate a Call List based on the interactions with Email 1 and 2 that will be automatically sent to your sales team. Your sales team will already know what each contact is most interested in and will be able to target them specifically to close the deal.

Day 22: Email 3 sent to those who still need more information with a hard call to action to close the deal.

Three emails and one phone call later you have new interested leads and new customers with a positive sales experience to share.

Can you share a successful lead generating story?

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