FAQ Friday: How do I get the color I want in my template?

Q: How do I get the color I want in my template?

A: If you want to match an exact color for your template, you can either play around with numeric combinations (0 – 255) for RGB colors, or you can try using a tool like Instant Eyedropper (not a Swiftpage product) to determine exact RGB codes.

To change the font color in your template, click on Content Editor > Text Options > Edit Text.  Then highlight the text you wish to color, and click on the Font Color toolbar icon (it is in the second row of toolbar icons, almost all the way to the right, and looks like two A’s on top of each other).  Select your color or put in its number and click OK.

To change the background color in your tempate, click on Customize Template > Background Colors.  Then, select the color (or input its RGB code), select the area of the template you wish to color  (i.e. window, column, or entire email), and then click Submit.

Note: there is no way to change the “back” background of your template (i.e. the color of the area not inside the template, but rather behind the whole template).  In order to change that, you will need to just use a template with a different behind-template color altogether.

RGB stands for Red, Green and Blue – a color model that depicts how much red, green and blue is in the particular color. The Swiftpage Online Editor allows you to input a specific RGB code into your template, or choose a color from the palette.

Basic RGB codes:
0, 0, 0 = black
255, 255, 255 = white
255, 0, 0 = red
0, 255, 0 = green
0, 0, 255 = blue
255, 255, 0 = yellow
0, 255, 255 = cyan
255, 0, 255 = magenta

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