A lead gathering example in my inbox

I just received an excellent example of lead gathering that I thought was worth sharing. This morning, I received a Linkedin message from someone who is part of the Social Media Marketing group that I am part of. The message invites me to attend a social media conference coming up. Usually I would find this type of marketing annoying, but I was struck at how targeted he made the message.

He starts the message off with qualifying why he is writing specifically to me. He came across my profile and noticed my interest in social media and marketing. The message goes on to explain the event details and he offers a discount directly.

What caught my attention the most was the next part. He said, “Our LinkedIn group is our online event community so if you can’t make it to the conference, you should join the group to network with key folks from the industry.” I found this to be a great example of providing the benefits of something over the features.

The closing suggests I mention the event and Linkedin group to my colleagues specifically at Swiftpage and he wished me the best with the hopes of meeting up at some point.

This being a Linkedin message I could easily delete it and never have to share my email address. On the other hand, I can reply thanking him for the information and choose to share my email address with him. With such a well crafted message I am more enticed to follow the second option. I may not want to go to the event but I am interested and persuaded enough to join the Linkedin group.

And viola, he now has me as a lead and has permission to email me.

Now I know that he has probably sent this same message to a handful of other people that show interest in social media and marketing on their profile, but let this serve as a great example of what a simple message with a touch of personalization and solution-oriented content can do.

Do you have a similar experience to share? Have you put together a success lead gathering campaign? Please share.

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