Seeing your email through the recipients point of view

Building trust with your email recipients is key to your email marketing strategy. Providing legitimate and valuable content is one of the essential ways to do this, but there are many factors involved. Presentation, who it is coming from and the freedom they have to access your information play important roles as well. By putting yourself in the point of view of your recipient you are able to see if you are effective in gaining their trust.

How do they perceive your message?

The ability to coordinate your subject line, header, content, offer and call to action in one easy flowing, eye-catching message is your ultimate goal. How can you construct an enticing subject line that leads you into your valuable content? How can your header coexist with the content to encourage reading? How can your offer lead into your call to action? What makes your call to action so clickable?

Do they know who it is from?

Your subject line and header may be enticing enough, but will your recipients know who the email is coming from? For those recipients who are new to your email communications you may need an introduction to remind them of your relationship. Your brand name and product names need to be easily spotted within your marketing message so that your recipients can connect with it from the start.

With an email service provider like Swiftpage you can Send As someone specific within your company. This can act as another indicator for your recipients to know who your message is coming from. For example, sales people who want to communicate with their specific clients can have the email sent as them.

What does the recipient get out of the message?

Now that you have the presentation of your email figured out, ask yourself if you are providing relevant and valuable content. Your marketing message should address the questions your clients have with viable solutions. They key to successful content is the ability to leave your reader wanting more.

Where do they take action?

You are successful with leaving them wanting more. How do you get them to take action? Revisit the presentation of your email. Where is your call to action? Can they easily scan your email and know exactly what to do? If you are using a graphic for your call to action make sure you also have a text link in case the images are blocked in the recipient’s inbox.

What are their options?

Another way of building trust with email marketing is allowing your recipients to have options to how they want to receive your email. Allow them to choose what communications they would like to receive. For example, if you have a series of emails for each product, a monthly newsletter and a quarterly promotional email, let them choose which of these they want in their inbox. Also, you can let them choose the frequency they want to receive the emails. This way they have a better idea in their mind when your emails come and will most likely be more engaged with them.

In conclusion,

These are all important questions to ask when constructing an email campaign. If your message is not relevant to your customers don’t send it. Don’t send an email to merely send one because you do it every week. Make sure you take them time to produce valuable content. When you do this you have a better chance of generating more leads and increasing your click through rate.

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