21 reasons why I’ll delete your email in 3 seconds – Part 2

A continuation of yesterday’s post (click here http://bit.ly/f0ieej)…

12. A lack of clarity. Your email recipient needs to know exactly what your email is aiming at when they open it. Your subject line is a good lead in but make sure the follow through is just as clear. You can use headlines to preface content. Also, you need to have a clear call-to-action to round the email. What are the readers supposed to do with your valuable content or with your offer? If this part is not clear then why are you sending an email anyways?

13. PRspeak / jargon. When you talk with too much marketing jargon you tend to lose the point. Make sure you use a conversational style to appeal to your audience. Through analyzing your results you can get a better idea of the tone your readers react to positively. Make sure to pay attention to this.

14. No ‘About’ page. You don’t necessarily need an ‘About’ section in your email campaigns, but recipients need to know where their emails are coming from. Ways to do this include, use branding in your subject line, include your logo in the header or footer or even add a little introduction if it is at the beginning of your email relationship.

15. Boring vs unprofessional. It is better to be on the more boring side than it is to come off as unprofessional. Do not try too hard to stand out to the point that you go far beyond the realms of expectation (and not in a good way). Find a middle ground and again TEST, TEST, TEST.

16. Contrast fail. Poor color combinations can make it difficult to read text. And if you cannot read something there’s really very little point in hanging around.

17. Misleading subject line. The subject line is the first step to getting your email opened and is the lead in for the rest of your content. If it promises undelivered items, you lose the trust of your readers. They might think twice before opening your emails in the future.

18. Too much text. You need to find the right balance between text and graphics. If you choose to create a plain text email, make sure your break up the copy by using short paragraphs and tight sentences. If a reader sees too much text to start off they may become wary and move on.

19. Too many images. Be conscience  of how you use images within your emails. Do they add to your content or does it distract?

20. Not considering when images do not show up. Some email clients automatically block images unless set otherwise. When you include images, make sure your text and layout can stand on its own. Is your copy still readable? Is it still enticing enough to keep reading?

21. No new information. Do not just send an email for email’s sake. Make sure you are always sharing new information. When you don’t provide something new to your readers, they will begin to become wary and you risk the chance of losing their readership. If you do not have any new news for your newsletter this month, hold off until next month when you will be chalked full of news.

There are all kinds of other factors as to why people will delete and email before they have really read it. Is there anything else you would add?

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