FAQ Friday: How does a survey work?

Q: How does a survey work?

A: Swiftpage surveys are great for collecting information such as opt-in email addresses for your newsletters, sign up forms for events, customer feedback surveys and much more. There are two ways that a Swiftpage survey can work: linking to it on your website, or linking to it from within an email template.

To create a survey, follow the instructions in the Quick Start Guide to creating surveys.

Then, once you have created a survey, there are two ways for people to get to your survey:

1. Link to your survey with either text or an image from within your Swiftpage email template. For information about linking surveys to text, click here. For information about linking surveys to images, click here.

2. Link to your survey from anywhere on your website. All you need is the URL of where your email sits, which can be found in the Survey Management section of the Online Editor. People click on the link and are brought to your survey, fill it out and hit submit, and they are brought to your specified landing page.

To view a video with complete instructions on creating a survey, click here.

2 Responses to “FAQ Friday: How does a survey work?”

  1. Can you implement a survey on a facebook tab/app?

    • Hannah – Yep! If you use a tab where you can add custom HTML, you would follow the same steps as embedding a survey form on a website. You can read more about the embedding process here.

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