Copywriting tips for email marketing campaigns

Writing concise and engaging content is not an easy task for the everyday marketer all the time. I have read several blogs and articles from sites like Copyblogger, Clickz and Marketing Interactions to gain insights and fresh ideas for copywriting and these are some of the top tips I have found…

Let it rest. When you start to write, don’t stop writing until your mind runs out of ideas. Once you are finished, leave it be. Step away from your work for a few hours or a day. When you return you will have fresh eyes to better determine how to tighten it up and drive the most important points.

Read as a reader when revisiting your content. Think about what you would want to get out of such content and how it will benefit you… as a reader.

Ask for feedback. Before you make your content live send it to a colleague or two (or a few people that your respect the opinion of). Ask them to read as a reader and to be honest about how it is received.

Proofread. This may seem to be a no brainer, but please do not forget to do this. When you ask for feedback also ask them to proofread. You would be amazed at the obvious mistakes you do not catch as the writer.

So we have covered the logistics of good copywriting but how do you create content that provokes something greater?

Creating Authority – You create authority but becoming an expert in a specific topic and having the ability to write about it a clear way.

Possessing Leadership – Leadership takes authority one step further. Not only are you an expert, but you have the ability to foresee trends and discuss new ideas before they hit mainstream. Ask yourself what sort of ways you can do this? What new ideas can you bring to the table concerning your industry? Think about ideas that will provoke discussion and an invested interest from your readership and beyond.

Enhancing Decorum – What are ways you can enhance the visual elements of your content (including images and layout) to provoke a greater interest. The presentation of ideas is just as important as the actual content itself.

 Writing to the right audience – Who are your writing to? Is it technical people, business people, everday people or someone else? Make sure you write in a voice that speaks to them. If you miss this point you can potentially lose valuable readers.

What else? What is the foundation you have built for good copywriting?

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