Making goals that will stick in 2011

The New Year has begun and is well on its way. If you are like me you have made a resolution or two and have been impressed with the ability to stick with it thus far. However, if you are also like me this resolution will most likely fade in the next few weeks. Life is already getting busy and my to do list seems to not stop growing. In the busyness that 2011 already brings, what goals have you made for your business and how are you going to stick with them? If you have not sat down to do this yet, here are a few ways to get started and what to consider for 2011.

First, let’s discuss what elements your goals must contain.

  • Be specific in answering the who, what, when, where, why and how of each goal.
  • Determine the best way to measure your goal by developing a sort of ranking system or quantifiable method so that you can see the progression or lack of progression accurately.
  • Orient your goals to focus on action. Devise a plan for how you are going to reach each goal. Determine the actual steps it will take and keep a record of this to keep you on track
  • Don’t shoot for the moon. You know yourself and your business better than anyone so be realistic about the goals you make. Create goals that are challenging but possible to achieve.
  • Put time constraints on it and make deadlines to encourage results. With a deadline in mind, you are sure to complete the task with success.

Now, let’s discuss what sort of goals you should consider this year.

  • Ramping up your social media strategy. A lot of changes have happened in the past year to Twitter, Linkedin and even Facebook and more and more social media sites are rising. If you didn’t put time into a social media strategy last year, then 2011 is your big chance to do it. Have you seen social media success with other businesses like yours? Why not make it goal to invest more time into building your own social media strategy. Here is a few things you can do: start researching best practices, join the social media groups you are not a part of, brand your profiles with better keywords, reach out to new audiences to gain new followers and/or give referrals to get referrals.
  • Clean up lists and gain new contacts. When was the last time you cleaned your database? You could have numerous contacts with wrong email addresses of phone numbers that will lead you to a dead end. Take the time to find the right contact information for your contacts. Also, a new year is a time to add new contacts to your database. Use surveys through your website, email campaigns, automated marketing campaigns and social media outlets to gain new contacts and new leads.
  • Start a blog. If you never jumped on the blogging wagon last year, now is the time. A blog is a great way to share with your customers and prospects the expertise you have about your products, your business and your industry. You put a voice to your company and you become an expert to the people tuning in. Layout an outline of what you want your blog to focus on and then add a timeline to make sure you post frequently.
  • Follow up with inactive clients and dead leads. As you clean up your database you may notice a handful of customers that you have not interacted it with lately or have not be active in your business. This is a great opportunity to start the relationship over again.
  • Restrategize your email campaigns. Look back through your campaign reports and determine what was successful and what was not in 2010. Bag what failed and figure out new creative ways you can use what worked. You can also make a new list of successful subject lines, find new compelling stock imagery to use, play with the layout of your emails and determine new content that will entice your readers further.
  • Take the time to plan out automated marketing campaigns. Putting together many different marketing touches over time can be time consuming, but for anyone who has ever tried it, they know it is worth it. Some campaigns to consider are new leads, new customers, inactive customers, customer upsell, event invitations and so on. How can you use emails, surveys, call lists, telemarketing, direct mail and other communication tools to reach your customers and prospects the right way? Layout a blueprint for each of the campaigns you may need. If you get stuck you know where to find help.

Of course, you don’t have to do everything that is on this list to be successful in 2011, but really look through this list and see where your business could benefit from it and what is the most realistic for you to dig into.

Let me know how it goes! What do you already have planned for 2011?


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