An Unactionable Email

Yesterday I received a post event ‘sorry we missed you’ email. The event was held a week and half ago and I missed it because something urgent came up. I was surprised at how little information this email had and how unactionable it was.

To preface, this event was free of charge for all its members to attend. There was no exclusivity or cost involved.

Take a look –

 What is this email missing?

1. If you are going to bring up the keynote speakers, at least share more details than ‘provided our audience with actionable insights and recommendations.’ What does that mean? What sort of insight and recommendations did they provide?

2. Where are the links? I am sure there is something that could be shared from this event – the keynote presentation powerpoints, an article discussing the major points of the event, a report, etc. This email misses the perfect opportunity to provide something of value to an interested audience (i.e. those who wish they could have made it to the event). Not only that but they could link the valuable material to a survey to gain pertinent profiling information about their members to better target them in the future.

3. Again, what happened during the networking time? What were the take aways? By providing information like this you make the recipient make sure they don’t miss the event next year.

4. The closing line ‘I look forward to seeing you at our next event’ provides no information either. If you want people interested let them know of your next event(s).

What do you think? Do you think is email is sufficient in doing its job or does it miss the mark?


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