FAQ Friday: How do I upload my images to ensure the best quality?

Q: How do I upload my images to ensure the best quality?

A: Upon uploading an image, Swiftpage will compress your image — possibly resulting in quality loss — if it is over any of Swiftpage’s three levels for images: all images imported into Swiftpage must be no larger than 50kb in file size, no higher than 72 dpi in resolution, and no wider than 580 pixels (or 600 pixels for a header image).  Images within these levels will not be compressed.

If your image is coming into your template with poor quality, you will need to reduce the image you are uploading so it is within the parameters listed above — you can do this in a program like Photoshop or Paint, or click here to learn about a free service called Sumo Paint.  Once the image is resized, you can reupload it to your Swiftpage template.

Once you reduce the size of your image the image will be much clearer in your template.

You can also try hosting your images on your website or using hosted media company like http://imageshack.us/. They can host your large images on their server.

One Response to “FAQ Friday: How do I upload my images to ensure the best quality?”

  1. Sumo Paint is a very neat application. I’ve had problems with uploading images in the past. I didn’t like the way they looked or could not quite size them right. Thanks for the suggestion.

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