All the email marketing terms you think you know and more

Throughout the month of February we are going go through all the MANY terms you will come in contact with email and automated marketing. We hope that this provides you knowledge into the world of this service and we ask you to share any advice/terms you might know in further detail.

Let’s start with the basics.

Email Service Provider or for short – ESP
Swiftpage is an ESP because we provide a service that allows users to send permission-based email campaigns to their contact lists.

Deliverability is the act of getting through SPAM filters with the layout of the email fully intact across all email clients. This depends on many factors including email lists, subject lines, use of images and text, SPAM filters of recipients, links and so on. It is important to always test your email messages to ensure the highest rate of deliverability.

Permission-based email
This means you only send emails to recipients who have agreed or ‘opted-in’ to receive your messages.

Opt-In vs. Opt-Out
There are two types of email marketing – Opt-In and Opt-Out. Opt-In email marketing allows the person to physically agree to receive your email communications through a survey, business card, attending an event or webinar of yours, etc. Opt-Out email marketing acts in the opposite way. It assumes that the person wants to receive your emails until otherwise stated, in which they unsubscribe. This form of marketing can result in lower response rates and can lead you closer to SPAM lists if not carefully crafted. Swiftpage is a permission-based, opt-in only email service provider.

Whitelists vs. Black Lists
A whitelist is a good thing and a blacklist is definitely not. Whitelists are lists of email addresses that have been approved to send email through the internet service provider (or ISP). Blacklists are lists of IP addresses belonging to organizations that are seen as SPAM (see definition below). Blacklists reveal which emailers are abusing the CAN-SPAM compliant laws. Email Service Providers, like Swiftpage, work very hard to make sure their IP addresses remain on whitelists.

Did you know that SPAM had a whole other name – UCE? UCE stands for Unsolicited Commercial Email. When you send email to people who have not requested to receive it, you fall into this category of emailing.

Hard Bounce vs. Soft Bounce
A bounce in general is when an email does not reach a particular address for some reason. There are two types of bounces and they happen for very different reasons. A hard bounce is an email address that has been rejected for a permanent reason. For example, an address that does not exist will receive a hard bounce. A soft bounce is an email address that has been rejected for only a temporary reason. For example, an overfilled inbox will reject an email and will be qualified as a soft bounce.

Your database is the source for all your contacts’ information and the place where you store email addresses and qualifying details about your clients and prospects for proper follow up. Swiftpage is fully integrated in Sage’s leading CRM products including SageCRM, Sage Saleslogix and ACT! by Sage. Other databases can also be in the simplest forms such as Microsoft Excel or Outlook.

Stay tuned for the basic elements of an email campaign. You would be surprised by how much goes into a single email.

What else do you want to learn?

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