Act now! USPS is increasing postal rates in April

Have you heard!? The U.S. Postal Service is set to increase postal rates by almost 2% on April 17. 

It’s like when gas prices go up, who likes it!?  But you’ve got to deal with it, so wisdom says, “Quick, go fill up your tank before the increase and save some money,” -and that is exactly what we are saying to you.  Fill up your tank with Swiftpage Direct Mail credits now, and don’t sweat the increase until you’ve used them all up.  2% may not seem like a lot, but over the course of a year and especially with large mailings, you could be talking hundreds or even thousands of dollars saved! 

Act now and we’ll give you an extra 10 cents off per postcard- how’s that for putting fuel in your tank!

And if you’re really feeling motivated, take this opportunity to strategize your Drip Marketing campaigns for the course of the year, knowing that time invested now will only make your campaigns more effective and more successful in the future.

April is approaching quickly- click here and fill out the survey on the right side of the page today.

Additional Resources:

Download Swiftpage’s Direct Mail Whitepaper – Benefits and Best Practices, click here>>

Want to know how to use Swiftpage Direct Mail services? Download the Direct Mail, “How it works” pdf for free, click here>>

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