FAQ Friday: How can I create an HTML template to use in the Advanced Editor?

Q: How can I create an HTML template to use in the Advanced Editor?

A: The Swiftpage Advanced Template Editor is a tool for customers with a working knowledge of HTML design. It is a WYSISYG editor that can modify the HTML visually or by editing the raw HTML code.

Here is a very helpful guide to creating an HTML email for our Advanced Template Editor:


Note: For best compatibility when creating an HTML template, we suggest using Adobe Dreamweaver or coding HTML by hand.  The main point is that you want to use a true HTML editor as opposed to using the “Save as HTML” function in programs like Word, Publisher, etc.  Those programs can save as HTML, but put in a lot of extra formatting code that is not compatible with Swiftpage’s system.  That is why a true HTML editor like Dreamweaver is best.

You can also have Bright Peak, a division of Swiftpage, create custom HTML templates. Bright Peak offers professionally designed work without the high prices and long waits. We have a full staff of designers that can have a first proof of your piece done within 24-48 hours. You can get your business moving along with a professional look in minimal time and not break the bank account. Note: Bright Peak is fee based.

What is Bright Peak and How do I Contact Them?


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