Email Marketing Campaign Terms – Part 2

Above the fold

Literally speaking, above the fold refers to the section of content you see before having to scroll down. This can be found in an internet browser and in an email window. The most important information should be placed above the fold just in case the recipient does not choose to scroll to see more information.

Copy vs. Content

Copy is purely the text within an email campaign. The content includes not only the copy but the graphics and images that build up your email as well.


Did you know that URL stands for Uniform Resource Locator? In case you are not sure what a URL is, it is the web address you use to access a website. For example, is the URL for Swiftpage’s website.


Links are what you use in email campaigns or other marketing materials that allow the recipient to click to view more information. Links can be seen in many forms including text links, hyperlinks, graphics or images. These links can then be clicked on or copy and pasted into a browser to reach to new site with more information.


What is the objective of your campaign? To introduce a new product, invite people to an event, or announce a promotion. No matter what it is you will most likely need them to take some sort of action. The Call-to-Action in an email campaign serves this purpose. It is the phrase or enticing graphic (such as a button) that encourages your reader to take action. An example of a call to action is “Click here to receive your 60-day free trial today!”


The salutation is how you address your recipient and how you say goodbye at the end of the email. For example, Dear John (for the start) and Sincerely, Bill (for the end). With the mail merge tools Swiftpage allows you to personalize the salutation automatically. Simply add a field such as, [FirstName] where you want it and Swiftpage will automatically add the First Name of the recipient receiving the email.


The footer is the very bottom of the email that includes the sender contact information and a link to unsubscribe. Both of these elements are required by the CAN-Spam Laws to be included in the email.

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  1. Great two articles. Thanks for posting.

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