Email Marketing Term Wrap Up

I just realized this post never got posted. It was intended to wrap up the month of February. Sorry it is not getting to you until now. Let’s step back a few days and dream of when it once was February. Enjoy!

The month of February has quickly gone by. Is tomorrow really March already?! Wow!

With the last day of February upon us, I will leave you with the final email marketing terms for this month. I hope you enjoyed this month of education. Please continue to let us know when you want a better understand of anything e-marketing. If you missed any of the terms this month, feel free to go back and view here>>



Bandwidth refers to the amount of information that can be shared over a network in a specific amount of time.

Auto Reply

An example of an auto reply is when you receive an “Out of the Office”or “Away on Vacation” message automatically after sending a recipient an email. You can set this up yourself through your email client’s settings.


Did you know HTML stands for Hypertext Markup Language? HTML is a type of language that allows you to create web pages and other information that you can view in a web browser.

HTML Email

An HTML email goes one step further than a text email and allows you to display images and graphics in your email campaign. This way you have more freedom to make your email message more appealing and eye-catching. Even though you have the ability to add images to your HTML email, make sure that your layout gets the message across effectively if the images do not appear. Many email clients default email messages to have the images turned off. If you are added to their whitelist or address book your images will always appear.

Hosted Email

A hosted email is an email message viewed as a web page. Within Swiftpage you can convert your email templates into landing pages that you can use and link to as you like. There is also a ‘view as web page’ link at the bottom of every email campaign so that your recipients can share the link as they like.

Landing Page

The landing page is a page on a website where the visitor arrives after clicking on a link elsewhere or typing in the landing page url. You can add a landing page url link within your email campaigns to drive your recipients to another page with further information and actionable content. You can also track who is clicking on this link within your email campaign results with Swiftpage.

Preview Pane

The preview pane is the window within an email client that allows you to view your email message. Preview panes can vary in size depending on the recipient’s inbox. For this reason, it is important to have your most crucial and convincing content in the first few sentences.


We have talked about the subject line and the headlines within an email, the subhead is the next level down. Subheads serve as subtitles for a section of content. They add enticing and quick statements to break up paragraphs of information.


Targeting is the act of serving messages to users based on their demographics or selling behaviors. You can determine these with profiling surveys and the email reports generated from past campaigns.


Timing is similar to frequency but goes into more depth about the actual times of day and days of the week that are best to send your email campaigns. You can also look into seasonal timing based on holidays and vacations. Some holidays are great to take advantage of and others you will lose readership because of. You can use A/B Split testing to determine the best days and times to send your emails. Read this article for some practical tips to apply timing to your e-marketing strategy>>

Did I miss anything?

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