Positive Effects of Direct Mail

Our Direct Mail and Telemarketing Marketing Specialist, Chris Gordon, passed this article to me and I wanted to share with you what it reveals. Marketing Sherpa recently polled over 200+ businesses of all sizes about the effectiveness of Direct Mail.

These were the results:

This chart, though simple, shows that 79% of B2B organizations find direct mail to be effective on some greater level.

With the new business tools out there (that Swiftpage has too) that allow you to personalize and segment your message particular to the demographics and personality of your recipients, it is no wonder Direct Mail is back in action.

I was going through my twitter feed today, following #tmfa which is the hashtag for the UK conference, Technology for Marketing & Advertising. A favorite topic of discussion was offline vs. online marketing strategies. One tweet stuck out to me saying that it doesn’t matter which strategy you use. When done correctly, both strategies offer great results. You can debate for hours about whether offline or online bring you better results for your business, but if you are a talented marketer it doesn’t really matter which method  you use.

Direct mail when done right, sticks out among the clutter of mail pieces people receive every day. No matter whom you are or what your intention is with our Direct Mail piece if you craft it strategically and match it to your recipient’s characteristics your chance of having a positive ROI is much greater.

If you want to some tips and best practices on Direct Mail, feel free to download our Direct Mail Whitepaper here>>


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