Marketing vs. Service Messaging

Service messaging is proving to have a more positive effect on email recipients than marketing messaging. The difference between the two is the way in which they are received.

Marketing messaging has been the foundation for email copywriting, but has recently started losing its effectiveness. The reason for this is due to the tools ESPs provide to segment and target people based on their consumer data.  A generic marketing message doesn’t fully do the trick anymore.

A service message is more data focused and appeals to a common interest for the recipient. A service message reveals what benefits a certain product or promotion can do for them, specifically.

How can you access this crucial data and act upon it?

Email Reports that reveal recipient interaction.

ESPs, like Swiftpage, show email reports from any given campaign. You can see how an email recipient interacted with your email. Did it reach their inbox? Did they open it? What links did they click within the email? With this type of data you are able create follow up campaigns that allow you to be more detailed and target their interests.

Surveys carefully crafted to generate targetable answers.

Surveys are a great way to better understand your contact’s characteristics and needs. What details do you need to know about them? Figure out the simplest and most understandable way to ask them. Make sure to thank them for their feedback and offer them an incentive, a raffle prize, such as movie tickets or Starbucks will do that trick.

Group segmentation based on data.

Figure out a strategy for segmenting your contacts into groups. What data from your survey and past email campaigns can you group together? Think about the message you want to get across to each group and create them based on that.

Focused design and copy.

You may have groups carefully targeted but if you lack in creative design and copy you risk the chance of not reaching them. Think about the ways in which you can appeal to the data and make little changes to each groups appeal. These subtle differences can increase your conversions.

Automated marketing set up the right way.

Automated marketing allows you to follow up with your segmented groups easily. You have a product announcement or promotion coming up. Create email templates that focus around the announcement but are particular to the group. The marketing messages (or shall I say service messages) you have carefully crafted can be added to a Drip Marketing campaign.

Here is how you do it (or see another example here):

  1. Choose the group you want to reach
  2. Create the email templates for promotion (appealing to x, y and z of survey results or previous email campaigns)
    1. Day 1: Promotion announcement email – sent to whole group
    2. Day 15: Promotion follow up email – sent only to those who opened and clicked
    3. Day 15: Promotion more details email – sent to those who did not open email
    4. Day 30: Last Call Promotion wrap up email – sent to all
    5. Add a Call List or Telemarketing stage after each email sent out. Assign your sale people to each Call List and make sure the follow up is executed.

What group segmentation and follow up tips and tricks can you share?

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