Why email marketing will remain on top

A popular headline in the technology industry is the question of whether email marketing is slowly dying or not. Every time this topic is brought up there are several counter arguments to why e-marketing is alive and well and even greater than ever.

The fear of SMS, the Facebook inbox and other new forms of communication all start out as threats to the e-marketing industry. What has become a theme, however, is that email service providers learn how to use these forms of communication to better their own, making e-marketing that much stronger.

Why has e-marketing continued to prevail?

E-marketing reporting tools allow you to track and segment contacts based on their interactions. You are able to know ‘x’ amount of information about your lead/contact before you even pick up the phone to start a bigger conversation.

With the integration of automated marketing you can include your other marketing communications (including SMS and social media) within the same campaign, wrapped around the same strategy. With direct mail or telemarketing you can guide a contact to a landing page to capture their additional contact information (with a survey). From the survey, the contact will be entered into a campaign that will nurture them through e-mails sent automatically and targeted calls scheduled for the right time to your hottest leads.

E-marketing also provides a greater avenue for targeted information (longer than 140 characters). Unlike SMS and social media campaigns, e-marketing allows you to play with both graphics and text in a larger more personal space – the inbox. Through newsletters you can provide the most up to date information to your already participating audience. With lead generating and nurturing campaigns you can use compelling imagery and content to make it successful (all the while targeting and segmenting contacts based on their interactions with past campaigns).

The future holds a promising growth for email marketing. As long as e-marketing continues to integrate itself within the newest, hottest technologies it will not be put in the background.

How have you used e-marketing to your advantage?

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