Social sharing e-marketing

Now that social media has become a natural element to any business, it is obvious to see its effectiveness in opening doors to more prospects for your company. Email marketing’s sharing capacity has greatly increased due to this. Here are a few things to keep in mind while you start linking your email campaigns through social networking.

Locate your audience

What social networks are your target markets active in? Share your email campaign links here. In other words, don’t link to Facebook if the majority of your audience resides on Linkedin (or vice versa).  You could also put a short survey together to ask your customer base how they use social media.

Define your customer base

Learn what motivates your customer base. Figure out what makes them different from each other. Address these characteristics in your email content. Create compelling and targeted messages that will be easily shared via social media.

Make it simple

If your message carries a simple and understandable message chances are it will get read and shared at a higher rate. Make sure the language you use linking to the email is in line with the message of the email. Consistency and relevancy are key.

Easily post your email campaigns

Provide links to your social networks prominently in your email. This way, your recipients can find you easily and are more encouraged to share your content. With Swiftpage’s “view as web page” link in their emails, you can easily share your email campaign link to your contacts and beyond.

Entice readers to share

Make sure your message adds value to not only the recipient, but to their friends and colleagues as well. Highlight customer’s best practice or provide a promotion or incentive for them to get excited about. Always ask yourself, why would someone want to share your email?

And remember to always create an avenue (via linking) to your email subscriber page so you are continually gaining new prospects to your database.

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