The practice of building relationships

It seems like it would be common sense to build relationships with your customers but you would be surprised at how many business miss the mark on this. When you know who customer is and what they like it is much easier for you to appeal to them and share your products without sounding like you are sell, sell, selling.

If you don’t start out building those relationships at the beginning then you could risk lowering your customer retention rate. According to Google’s 2011 B2B Marketing Outlook report, 87% of marketers invest in customer retention and about 60% of companies say that this is where the majority of their marketing dollars will go in 2011. So, if you want to put a majority of your marketing dollars there you better make sure you get to know you customers.

Content marketing is a great way to reach and intrigue your customer base.

First, define your customer demographic and segment them as necessary. You can do this by industry, product, age, sex, etc. Whatever makes most sense to you to target your contacts.

Then, build your campaign. Whether that is through email, call lists or utilizing social media the content needs to flow together. Map it out determine the specific points of contact that are essential to each demographic.

Things to consider in writing content:

  1. What does your target audience want to learn?
  2. What products are they using now?
  3. What products can they use in the future?
  4. What are your target audience’s needs?
  5. How can you reevaluate these needs as the relationship progresses?
  6. How can you personalize the campaign to each contact?
  7. How can you use content from one thing for another?

How have reached out to your customers, old and new, this year?

One Response to “The practice of building relationships”

  1. Having a good relationship to the customer will give you a good outcome. Thanks for posting this article. I’ve learned a lot, I think I can now improve my marketing strategy. Thanks!!

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