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Swiftpage’s Linkedin group has had some great discussion on subject lines. Many know that this is a well conversed topic among marketers. For some reason, it never gets old to discuss! I think that is because it is the front door to any email campaign, and that door could always increase its open rate.

One of the participants, Michael Ratner, made an excellent point that there is no one who can give you a good subject line unless they know the size of your database, the frequency and timing of your campaigns, your source of leads, your average open rate and click through rate, what you are offering, etc. Remember, don’t forget to answer these questions yourself. Only then will you know how to appeal to your target audience.

There are many factors involved in whether or not your email gets opened. The level of detail you take to build a well seasoned database can affect not only how you write your subject line but how you create your content as a whole. You cannot forget to think about the other elements involved. A good subject line will get your email opened but content and call to action will get you the click through rate and ROI you are looking for.

Some tips to consider once you are ready to craft a subject line:

  • Add your company name or product name so they recognize you from the start
  • Add urgency (i.e.
  • Include a call to action
  • Track the participation of your list and segment within
  • Have fun with it!

You can read the rest of the conversation here>>

We would love to hear what you have to say about it too. Join in on the conversation on linkedin!

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