Navigating the marketing doldrums

For many small businesses, summer can inadvertently become an extended marketing hiatus.  Knowing that people will likely spend less time at their computers and more time on the go can cause some to neglect the importance of summer marketing all together.  In this month’s Thoughtspot Newsletter, Lindsey Weinig provided 6 useful tips to help keep you motivated and effective throughout the season.  In case you missed them, here are her tips:

1. Grab their Attention Immediately
Summer provides a lot of distractions, so you need to grab your recipient’s attention quickly. Include your promotional offer in your subject line, use impactful headlines within your template, and make your call to action clear and to the point. Also use summer imagery to entice them with what’s already on their minds to keep them attentive and interested.

2. Make it Memorable
Why do you think so many companies center their promotions on holidays? It’s not because they’re just feeling festive, although festivity can be a part of it. It’s because customers are far more likely to remember promotions, and especially deadlines, when they’re revolving around a holiday we already know. Consider current and relatable events (both local and global) that your recipients might find engaging, and play to those events with your promotion’s offer, timing and message. Try to become more than an advertisement by becoming part of your recipients’ summer story.

3. Create a Need
Make your deal too good to miss. Use a contest, coupon offers, or free samples to motivate them to purchase right away.  Help them justify their purchase by reinforcing the reasons why they need your product or service and be sure to answer the most common objections to purchasing your product. Then highlight the many ways they can benefit from it.

4. Accommodate Mobile Viewing
Make your message short, sweet and mobile device optimized. Think: readable on the run. Test your message on multiple devices to insure it appears as you intend, since many people will be on vacation and checking their emails on their mobile phones.

5. Automate for Your Vacation
Planning to get away for some fun in the sun yourself? Use Swiftpage Drip Marketing to put your promotional messaging on autopilot while you’re away. Schedule emails to give your recipients a sneak peek, pre-sale offer to increase buzz, driving your promotion to be more successful when you return.

6. Alter and Analyze
Consider changing up your usual timing. Remember that many of your recipients could be on vacation or taking shorter days, so early morning sends are generally more likely to be read. Anticipate open rates to go down, but don’t be discouraged or alter your general practices too drastically as this time of year is the exception, not the norm.

Read the full article here.

How do you plan to navigate the marketing doldrums this summer?

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