A lesson in Support

Name: Madison Cole

School: Arizona State

Intern Position: Customer Support Agent

Kassi Johnson and Jessica Hites presented to our group on the topic of  Customer and Product Support.

3 things I learned during their presentation:

  • Support averages 1000 inquiries per week.
  • Swiftpage started 10 years ago, but the Support Department has only been active for the past 4 years.
  • Although Support can be done in the office or from home (remote), it requires you to have a weekly set of scheduled hours; Unfortunately, you can’t just work whenever you want to, but fortunately, there is the opportunity to work from home!

2 random thoughts I had in the presentation:

  • Support staff should be friendly and good at listening to what people say in order to understand their problems, and quickly determine the best solution.
  • Support agents must juggle many tasks at once, such as having multiple chats online at one time.  Multi-tasking and working well under pressure fall in the category of “Support Agent Essentials!”

#1 takeaway from my experience at Swiftpage so far:

  • Support is a good way to get started within a business as you can apply without having much previous knowledge or experience, and then work your way into a role that really interests you.

As a thank you for reading, here’s a link to my favorite song to hear after a long day of problem solving: “Slide by The Goo Goo Dolls

Summer is here, and you know what that means… Interns!!  Swiftpage is lucky enough to have 10 awesome interns onboard helping with everything from Sales and Marketing to Product Testing and Support.  As part of the program, they have the opportunity to hear a brief presentation from a department head each week on one specific aspect of the business.  We have asked them to share some of their acquired knowledge from these “enlightening” sessions with you here, in the “Summer Intern Series”.

About chrisswiftpage

Chris Gordon joined the Swiftpage Team in November of 2009. Chris manages Channel Marketing and Sales for the company and has the privilege of working with hundreds of savvy business owners and partners worldwide. He and his wife live in San Diego where they enjoy spending as much time as possible outside, surfing and exploring the coastline. Chris can be reached at cgordon@swiftpage.com. For more information about becoming a reseller, visit: http://swiftpage.com/partnerprogram.htm.

2 Responses to “A lesson in Support”

  1. Support is very important to me. The service has saved me time, helped me out of jams and in general, solves my problems. The service reps are truly appreciated. I even liked the music! Which kind of surprised me due to the age difference.

  2. Thanks for the compliment Ted! We’re always striving to make our customers happy with everything from our service to music :). We appreciate the positive feedback and encourage any and all to help improve our service.

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