FAQ Friday- How do I use the List Manager?

The Swiftpage Connect list manager is a very useful tool. Within the list manager you can import contacts, modify contact information, create groups out of your contacts, filter contacts, and use sending features, all from the list manager.

Within the Swiftpage connect homepage you can access the list manager. You will notice six buttons at the top of the list manager in which you navigate from.

>The first button is “Home”, which returns you to Swiftpage Connect.

>”Contacts” is the next button; here you can manage your contacts, add new contacts, view current contact details, view current contact notes and history, or look at contact group information.You can manage your contacts E-marketing history as well as notes specific to each contact in the List Manager Contact view.

>The third button is “Groups.” Groups allows you to manage both your static and dynamic groups. You may view, rename, delete, or create groups within this tab. The Group creation within Swiftpage Connect List Manager allows users to create dynamic groups with any field to segment and organize their contacts.

>”List” is another option. Within the list tab you will be able to import a list, import a survey, export a list, view field maps, and manage other list options. With importing a list you can have the opportunity to import one or many contact lists into Swiftpage Connect List Manager.

>Your email scheduling can be done in the “Send Email Blast” button. Here you have the option to send the email, schedule a future send, send as, or send a test.

>”Update Drip Marketing” is the final button in the list manager. Here you can create and manage different marketing campaigns. You can update campaigns, and connect to specified groups.

For a more detailed explanation, or directions on any of the information mentioned above, click here. You will find a quick start guide with step-by-step instructions along with screen shots to clarify any uncertainties. If the quick start guide doesn’t answer your question, you may find Swiftpage Support’s list manager page helpful.

About chrisswiftpage

Chris Gordon joined the Swiftpage Team in November of 2009. Chris manages Channel Marketing and Sales for the company and has the privilege of working with hundreds of savvy business owners and partners worldwide. He and his wife live in San Diego where they enjoy spending as much time as possible outside, surfing and exploring the coastline. Chris can be reached at cgordon@swiftpage.com. For more information about becoming a reseller, visit: http://swiftpage.com/partnerprogram.htm.

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