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Many businesses use newsletters as a tool to actively engage and inform their clients. Sending an electronic newsletter, or E-newsletter, is extremely cost-effective (especially when compared to mailing a print newsletter) and has a measurable ROI through the use of online reports.  When done properly and consistently, E-newsletters can become a staple marketing piece for nearly any business.  As a fellow E-newsletter producer, we thought it beneficial to share some of the best practices that we have found over the years in sending an effective E-newsletter.  We asked the editor of our monthly Thoughtspot, Lindsey Weinig, for her insight on sending an effective E-newsletter.  Her top tips were to schedule the send, test and test some more, manage the replies, and take advantage of reporting. Lindsey gave examples of how she has optimized these tips with the Thoughtspot.

1)     Scheduling the Send– “We usually send mid-day on Tuesday’s or Thursday’s, and always near the end of the month, so our recipients come to expect it.” In deciding when you want to send your newsletter, do some preliminary research. Look into when it is most likely that your newsletter will be received well by your audience. Keep in mind that consistency is key, so once you have decided on a plan of action, stick to it. If over time your open-rates remain low, test a different send day and compare your results.

2)     Testing…and MORE testing– “I send the email to multiple internal recipients for a thorough copy and link check. Then I send to multiple ESP’s (Email Service Providers) for a design and layout check, all before I even think about sending to our customers.” Simply put, the more opportunities you take to test and review, the better off you will be.

3)     Managing Replies-“I always monitor the replies to our newsletter@swiftpage.com email address to ensure that any manual unsubscribes or actual customer replies are managed quickly and accurately.” Many newsletters are sent from a “no-reply@” email address, which implies one-way communication opposed to client feedback. Don’t make this mistake.  The best marketing is based on relationships and two-way communication. Take the time to learn from your customers by managing your replies.

4)     Reporting-“I check reports at the same duration after the send (between 4-6 days) and record the results for easy comparison. This helps me compare previous sends to determine what subject lines, timing, day of the week and links are most successful with our recipient group.” It is important to know what’s working and what’s not so you can improve and adjust as needed for future sends. For example, we learned that next year we should avoid sending our newsletter the week of Memorial Day. Make sure you record your results over time to ensure you are not repeatedly making the same mistakes due to forgetfulness.

Create your newsletter, test it, get feedback, assess the feedback, and adjust accordingly.  We hope that these tips will encourage you to a second look at your own E-newsletter, re-focusing on the fundamentals to help get the results you desire.  If you are having trouble with the design or layout of your Newsletter, consider contacting Bright Peak for help.

Lindsey’s favorite song to listen to while writing the Thoughtspot is Joe Walsh’s “Life’s Been Good” or Pandora’s Glee Station.

About chrisswiftpage

Chris Gordon joined the Swiftpage Team in November of 2009. Chris manages Channel Marketing and Sales for the company and has the privilege of working with hundreds of savvy business owners and partners worldwide. He and his wife live in San Diego where they enjoy spending as much time as possible outside, surfing and exploring the coastline. Chris can be reached at cgordon@swiftpage.com. For more information about becoming a reseller, visit: http://swiftpage.com/partnerprogram.htm.

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