FAQ Friday- Mail merge in an imported template?

Personalizing your email templates through the appropriate use of mail merge comes as a highly recommended best practice of email marketing.  People often ask if a mail merge will still work in a template that has been created outside of the Swiftpage Editor and then imported in for use.  The answer, “Yes, it most certainly will.”

You can add any mail merge field into your imported template, as long as your database includes the same field name.  For instance, if you have a field called “Company Name” in your database, you can insert a [[Company Name]] mail merge tag into your template, making sure to maintain the exact same spelling and capitalization as your field name.  Upon sending your email, [[Company Name]] will be replaced by each contact’s unique company name- a brilliant and time effecient way to personalize your email blasts.

Adding mail merge fields to imported templates works the same way as it does to add them to regular templates, with the exception that the mail merge fields should be added to the template *before* the template is imported for use.

To add a mail merge field to your custom designed template before importing, simply put the database field name you wish to merge into your template with double square brackets around it (e.g. [[First Name]]).  Any database field can be used, as long as it is spelled correctly and placed in double square brackets. 

Need more help on mail merge? Click here for our Quick Start Guide to Mail Merges in the Advance Editor.

About chrisswiftpage

Chris Gordon joined the Swiftpage Team in November of 2009. Chris manages Channel Marketing and Sales for the company and has the privilege of working with hundreds of savvy business owners and partners worldwide. He and his wife live in San Diego where they enjoy spending as much time as possible outside, surfing and exploring the coastline. Chris can be reached at cgordon@swiftpage.com. For more information about becoming a reseller, visit: http://swiftpage.com/partnerprogram.htm.

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