Guest Blog: Integrate Social Media with All Aspects of Your Business and Marketing

 There are plenty of mistakes that businesses make when developing and implementing a social media strategy.  Some don’t post enough, others post too often, and some are missing the whole point of social media completely by merely using it as another outlet to promote and advertise.  Social media is about having a conversation with target audience members.  It involves two way dialogue on a regular basis.  In order to benefit the most from social media, it’s important to integrate it with all other aspects of your business and marketing.  Too many businesses make the mistake of operating social media in a silo and as its own separate strategy.  It’s these businesses that question its effectiveness and wonder what all of the fuss is about since they likely aren’t seeing much of a result from their actions.  To find success, a social media strategy should be integrated with the following:

The Customer Service Department
Traditionally, when a customer had a question, comment, or concern they would pick up the phone to call the customer service department or send an email.  Today, more and more people are turning to social media outlets to voice their opinion since the purpose of a social media brand page is to have a conversation with customers, right?  The customer service department has been trained to deal with customers and they do it every day.  If your customer service department isn’t involved in your social strategy, it can lead to lots of mixed messages and even to the customer not being heard. 

Trade Shows/Appearances
Presenting at a trade show or speaking at a conference is considered to be a “traditional” form of marketing.  So how does that fit into a social media strategy?  Simple.  Not every target audience member is going to attend the trade show or conference, but they still might find the information valuable.  Promote the trade show using social media and provide snippets of your trade show materials leading up to the event.  During the event, post content on Facebook and Twitter using the designated event hashtag.  Following the event, create follow up posts.  This way, you are still attracting attention of those that were unable to attend. 

Search Engine Optimization 
A big part of SEO is building a robust link portfolio that establishes trust with the search engines.  A primary source of these trusted links is social media, which means that the SEO team and the social media team needs to be working together.  Social signals are now a part of the search engine ranking algorithm.  If there is a disconnect between SEO and social media, it will result in lots of missed opportunities. 

Public Relations
Use social media to connect with influencers and thought leaders.  As you build your social media presence and establish trust with this audience, it can lead to PR opportunities over time.

Everything Else
Always be thinking about new ways to leverage social media and integrate it into all aspects of your business.  While social media is often handled by the marketing department, that doesn’t mean that the other departments shouldn’t have a say in the strategy or don’t have any content sharing ideas.  A social media strategy that is diverse and allows target audience members to take a peek behind the curtain and interact with other people, instead of a business as a whole, will benefit the company long term. 


About the author: Nick Stamoulis is the President and Founder of Brick Marketing, a Boston SEO agency.  For more information please call 781-999-1222 or visit

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