FAQ Friday: What are some underused Swiftpage features? Part III

Swiftpage offers so many features, it is no surprise some get missed. Part I of this series gave you an overview of the handy Swiftpage Survey tool and part II opened your eyes to the cool Landing Page Feature. Today we introduce you to a pair of features that make document storage and access a breeze.

What are the Image Library and Document Library?

Within the template manager next to the Manage Templates button are two buttons that are sure to make your template building easier…

Manage Images

Clicking on this little button brings up the Swiftpage Image Library where you can store  up to 500 images! Do you have images you regularly use in your templates? Upload them here for easy access when you are editing. The images are stored on the Swiftpage server, ready and waiting for you when you need them. If you upload a custom HTML template all of the related images are stored in the Image Library as well.

When you are editing a Basic Editor template click on Image Options, Add/Replace an Image, then use the drop down menu to find the image you’d like to place into the window.

If you are using the Advanced Editor and want to replace an image, simply double-click on the image to be replaced and up pops a window with a listing of all the images in your library. If you would rather insert a new image into the template, click on the button with the mountain peak and pencil to bring up the Image Library.

Manage Documents

Clicking on Manage Documents opens the Document Manager. The Document Manager is primarily for use in the Advanced Editor since the Basic Editor provides an alternative function to link PDFs. Upload up to 100 documents to the Document Manager where they are safely stored on the Swiftpage server.

When you are ready to create a hyperlink to a stored document, highlight the text or select the image and click on the button that looks like the PDF icon. Your document manager opens and allows you to quickly link to a stored document. When your email is sent, the linked text or image opens the document for your recipient, and yes, the link is included in your reporting.

Next week we’ll wrap up our series on underused Swiftpage features. Until then, happy emailing!

Have questions about Swiftpage? Get in touch with one of our helpful and friendly support agents.

P.S. Have a burning question you’d like to see featured in FAQ Fridays? Drop Audrey a line and let us know! ahowes@swiftpage.com.

About Audrey Howes

Audrey has been an active member of the Swiftpage team since September 2009. Audrey manages Social Media and special projects with her marketing know-how and design expertise. When she’s not working you are likely to find her enjoying time with her family in the mountains near Steamboat, going for a run, reading a good book, being goofy with her kids, or savoring a latte in a local coffee shop.


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