Purposeful Automation Saves Big Time, Even if You’re Small

Do you think that automated marketing, or Drip Marketing, is too complicated for your small business? Or maybe you’re unsure of what Drip Marketing really is, or what it means for you.

If so, you’re in the majority, and many automated communication systems are too convoluted for small businesses. However if you start with the right intention for your business and you do the upfront planning, you’ll soon realize you can’t afford not to utilize this powerful  and time-saving program.

Identify Your Use

The first step is identifying your most common and routine marketing communication activities. Do you often host events? Perhaps you send your new customers a thank you email or introduce them to related or new products or services? How to you initially communicate with your new leads? All of these activities can be strengthened through the use of specifically scheduled, recurring communications.

Create Thoughtfully

Now that you’ve identified what you can automate, you can plan and build your Drip Marketing campaign. This part may seem like a big hurdle, but it’s important to understand the outcome of this campaign. It’s not just one disposable email blast you’re shooting out next week, this campaign will reach a large group of your contacts and continue communications with them over a longer period of time. Therefore it’s vital that you take the time to create a thoughtful and purposeful campaign that clearly addresses your intention whether it is motivating your customer to upgrade or driving attendance to your event.

Jump Start Automation

If you’re stumped on how to start, check out our 35+ pre-created campaigns that you can simply copy and alter as you see fit. You can also utilize our Drip Marketing Blueprint in addition to our large library of Drip Marketing resources that will show you exactly how to build and launch your campaign successfully.

The key to successful marketing automation is taking the time to do the upfront planning in order to automate your communications with intention and diminish your workload in the the future. Don’t be intimidated; just watch our quick 2 minute video on Drip Marketing to learn more about what Drip Marketing is and how it can fit into your business.

About Lindsey Weinig

Lindsey Weinig has been working for Swiftpage since April 2009. A day at Lindsey’s desk as a Marketing Manager includes a wide variety of marketing strategy, copywriting, customer experience, and design projects. When she is not working, Lindsey loves to play with her black lab, paint, cook, cheer on University of Wisconsin athletics, and explore the beautiful state of Colorado with her husband. You can reach Lindsey at lweinig@swiftpage.com.

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