The Personalized Email: Our Customers Expect It

My inbox is teeming with marketing emails.  I welcome most of them, if only to learn how companies are using their email marketing service.  This morning was no different from others: I got into the office and started sifting through the emails I received overnight, scanning for junk to delete, important memos and anything else that caught my eye.  I opened an email that looked interesting and quickly realized that something was off, it began with the large, bold words “Hello *|FNAME|*”.

Personalization is commonplace on the web today.  Whether browsing through photos on Pinterest, scanning the latest Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn updates, reading conversations in Gmail, trying to ignore advertisements on a news site, or simply opening a new Tab in Firefox, we are viewing the world through a highly personalized lens.  For better or worse, a generic web is gone; our online experience is inescapably based on personal preferences and behavior.

While some of the personalization methods mentioned above are relatively new, personalization within print and email via mail merge (mail tags, mail fields, contact details, etc.) has been around for a while.  In fact, I have received so many personalized emails that I take it for granted.  Receiving an email that says “Hi Adam!…” is welcoming, friendly, and something I have come to expect.

Our potential customers take notice of the details and we should too.  Testing our marketing emails before they are sent to thousands of prospective customers is crucial.  Ensuring that merge fields are working and reviewing customer lists before sending is worthwhile and should be a mandatory part of all of our pre-launch checklists.

What do you think? Have you received any personalization faux pas in your inbox lately?

About apreeo

Adam has called Swiftpage home since February 2007. After learning about many areas of the Swiftpage small business, Adam is now hyper focused on improving the Swiftpage product base and customer experience. When he’s not working, he can be found enjoying sunny Colorado with his wife and young kids.


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