The All-Important, Often Neglected and Totally Necessary Contact List

When looking at their email marketing most people seem to mainly focus on 2 things: the content of their emails and the reporting taken from these blasts.  Yes, these are very important aspects of your e-marketing campaign, but there is 1 thing that too many people seem to neglect. Their List.  You could have the best looking emails of anyone in your industry and offer the best deals around but if you have a terrible email list, then what good is it?

You would be surprised how many people send out emails to people on their list that continually bounce or are invalid.  Seeing these indications in the reporting should warrant some change, however many of us simply focus on the emails that were received and had opens.  You are truly doing yourself a disservice though by not taking the time to maintain a quality list.

Here I’d like to offer some tips on how to keep a high quality contacts list:

  1. Take the time to troubleshoot if you have emails in your list that are bounced or invalid.  Bounced and invalid emails still count towards your send limit so it is worth taking the time to fix them.  If an email is bounced look in your reports at the bounce code and reason.  Perhaps your contact is no longer employed at the company. Why not give the company a call and see if you can get updated information on to whom to send the email.  If the email is invalid it is typically because the email wasn’t in the contact’s data or there may be a small mistake in the email (i.e. gmial instead of gmail).  By checking the reports you can see these small mistakes quite easily and correct them. Who knows, maybe you will fix a few of bounced  and invalid emails and sales will come in that you never would have received without taking the time to correct your list.
  2. Keep all the data relevant for each contact.  Phone number, addresses, titles, last names etc. all have tendency to change and some easily avoidable mistakes can be sidestepped making the effort to keep all your data relevant.  In fact, we have a tool made for this call the ListUpdater survey(Learn more about creating a survey here.) We recommend sending an email to your contacts with the data of each contact merged into the body with mail merge tags. Say something like, ‘In an effort to keep our recorded updated, please review the information we have on file for you as seen below. If your information is incorrect, please click here to fill out our contact form.’ Link click here to your ListUpdater Survey and when someone fills it out, you can bring the updated data right back into your database. Very cool.
  3. Make opting into your emails easy. Like the ListUpdater survey, we also have a survey that allows you to build your opt in emails. This is called our ListBuilder survey and it is equally as useful as the updater.  (Read more about companies who are using this functionality here.) Embed the ListBuilder survey form on your website.  Once it’s there website visitors can fill it out and you can then take this data and bring it straight to your database as a new contact.  A very simple way to grow the number of leads you can reach out to.

We have more tips about your list to come next week. Stay tuned!


About the Author: Spencer Morrison is a one of our talented Customer Care Agents at Swiftpage. Next time you call in with a question, he just might be the guy to answer the call. Lucky you!

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