The Red Sock: Spreading Positive Culture in the Workplace

When I was 18 I got my first job working for a call center.  The call center had over 900 employees in 3×3 cubicles on the phone all day every day.  The average was taking around 100 calls per day.  When I applied and got the job I was excited to have a job and a salary.  Once I entered the training, with about 30 others, I started learning about the company and products and all of the normal ‘new job’ things.  I was interested but again it was just a job.

One day someone came in and told a story that went like this…  I was doing my laundry.  I always separate my darks from my whites.  I of course go to pull out the whites and they’re all a beautiful pink color.  Being a man this is especially great.  I sift through the clothes trying to find the source of this lovely problem and find one single red sock.  That tiny thing affected so much!  Then I got to thinking about it and discovered it was actually a great lesson learned.  We as people can be the red sock! 

He went on to explain how we work in a massive call center and there are many agents that have been working there for a long time, grumpy people, frustrated people, etc. however our training class of 30 people could be this call centers red sock and go out there and spread positivity and share our education.  We could be the ones to make a difference.

I thought this was such an encouraging message to give and I still remember it today. I like to think that I’m acting as a red sock in my friendships, family, work and all aspects of life. Are you a red sock?  Do you encourage your employees to be red socks? What are you doing within your business to share topics and ideas?

About Kassi Johnson

Kassi has been enjoying her time working with Swiftpage since January of 2008. Kassi manages the Swiftpage Technical Support and Customer Care departments. When not working Kassi it typically spending her time practicing Nia, which she hopes to become an instructor in, or on the next adventure that Colorado has to offer her. In addition to finding extreme pleasure in working with Swiftpage she also enjoys spending time in the mountains, making jewelry, painting, spending time with her dog or playing racquet ball.

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