FAQ Friday: You Want to Do What? Linking Images to Email from the Swiftpage Connect Basic Editor

Occasionally in the Customer Care Department we get requests for some pretty strange things. 
The sorta odd:
I want e-mails to go out from my e-mail address but responses to go to my Grandma.
The lazy: I want my template to look great but I don’t want to do the work. (its called Bright Peak folks).
Or the just plain crazy:  How do I get my dog to send my e-mails for me?

Every once in a while we get a request which technically can be done but walking through the process could land multiple people in the loony bin.  For today’s blog post we thought it might be nice to outline some of the steps involved to link an e-mail to an image within the template.  Please beware this might be more trouble than it’s worth and we are not responsible for your future mental health problems!

How to Link E-mail to Images within the Basic Editor:

  1. Upload your image via “Manage Images”
  2. Within Manage Images  view your image that you have uploaded.  Within Thumbnail preview right click on the image.
  3. Find the address for the image but do not copy and paste anything after the word ImageLibrary.
    For example – http://www.swiftpageemail.com/spe.mark/ImageLibrary 
  4. Copy this URL into a browser window and add the image name after the address.  For example- http://www.swiftpageemail.com/spe.mark/ImageLibrary/imagename.jpg click enter.
  5. Your image should appear in the browser window. Copy and paste the link into a link shortener such as bit.ly. Save the shortened link.
  6. Next, Right Click on the image and click copy.
  7. Go to your template and locate where you want your image to show up.  Click “Text Options” and “Edit Text”  Paste your image into the text area.
  8. Select your image (you can also resize here) and then link like you would text through the insert link button. Select E-mail for the link type and fill out your e-mail address.
  9. This will put a blue line around your image.  To remove this double click on the image and select “Image Properties” – Border should contain a 0.  This will remove the border.
  10. Click on the Source button at the upper left of the Text Editor. Replace the source URL with your shortened URL.
  11. Click Submit and save your template and you are done.

As always, be sure to test your template in multiple email clients before blasting to your list!

Cheers and Happy Linking!


About the Author: Mark Brooks is a member of our customer care team and has been with Swiftpage since June of 2011.  Mark currently performs many of our online demos for our current and future customers as well as a strong presence in pre sales support.  When he isn’t talking to our wonderful customers he is either climbing in Colorado’s mountains, brewing a beer, or pondering how far the Broncos might go this season.

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